Breakfast Additions

Organic muesli, milk or yoghurt, berry compote£3.50


Organic porridge, honey & banana £3.50


Homemade waffle, maple syrup or cinnamon butter£4.95


Toast – 2 slices with butter and preserves £1.95


GI toast – 2 slices with butter and preserves £2.25


Bagel – toasted with butter and preserves £1.95

Don’t forget to join us at the weekend for our famous Beach Hut Brunch

Served between 8.30-11.00am, weekly favourites and guest specials

2 free range eggs – how you like them £4.95


Oven roasted tomatoes £4.95


Heinz baked beans – original and still the best £4.50

Mushrroms on Toast £4.95


Additional breakfast items 1.50 per item

On Toast

Build your own Breakfast


Jim’s Joint sausage


Grilled bacon

Scrambled egg

Poached egg

Fried egg

Slow roasted tomatoes


Heinz baked beans


Hash browns




Vegetable sausage

Build your own Beach Hut breakfast, choosing from 5 of the items below plus Homemade Bakery toast  £8.25  


Jim’s Joint sausage£4.95


Grilled back bacon £4.95


Fried egg sandwich £4.50


Breakfast Sandwiches

English breakfast tea£1.95


Herbal and fruit tea infusions £1.95


Flat white £2.30


Americano £1.95


Cappuccino £2.30


Latte £2.40


Espresso £1.85


Double Espresso £2.50


Hot Chocolate £2.30


Mochachino £2.50


Orange, apple, cranberry juice £2.00




Hot Drinks

Classic breakfast on a slice of doorstep Homemade Bakery toast




Build Your Own Beach Hut breakfast £5.25

choosing from 3 of the items from above plus

Homemade Bakery toast