Don’t forget to join us at the weekend for our famous Beach Hut Brunch

Served between 8.30-12 noon, weekly favourites and guest specials


Doorstop Bakers cut Bread


Jim’s Joint sausage £4.95

Grilled back bacon £4.95


Fried egg £4.50



English breakfast tea £1.95

Herbal and fruit tea infusions £1.95

Flat white£2.30

Americano £1.95

Cappuccino £2.30

Latte £2.40

Espresso £1.85

Double Espresso £2.50

Hot Chocolate £2.30

Mochachino £2.50


Orange, apple, cranberry juice 2.00





 Doorstep Homemade Bakery toast


Choice :White, Brown, Granary, GI Bread


Homemade waffle, maple syrup or cinnamon butter £4.95


Toast – 2 slices with butter and preserves £1.95


GI toast – 2 slices with butter and preserves £2.25


Bagel – toasted with butter and preserves £1.95

Brunch Served from 11am Daily

Bakers Cakes/Pastries.

A daily selection of Fresh Bakers cakes & breads




Scones - jam, butter, clotted cream


Fruit Bread

Gluten Free & Vegan 

Daily Sponge cakes